Evidence of God’s love to me

A haiku…

Fleecy winter’s limbs

Seasonal praises to God

He wraps us in love


Painting Rocks

Its a big thing, here in Erie County, PA! What you may ask? Rock painting! Any size, or shape, from your yard, the street etc., but not from beaches, streams or private areas. You paint using acrylics, on the rock on one side, then you put #rockouterie on the back with “keep or rehide and post a picture on Facebook”. Spray with a clear enamel on both sides. Simple!

It has been a lot of fun for me and my girls group ( we are all 30-65 so it’s good for all ages – even my granddaughter enjoys painting rocks!) The rocks are hidden in public places: libraries, beaches, storefronts, parks etc. You find one, take the picture and post to FB then rehide it.

For me, I find it rewarding to watch and see who picks mine up. I once got a picture of the smiling boy who found my rock.  I was getting ready to leave after my appointment when I pulled out, I thought I saw my rock again in the same spot I had set it. So, I looked but found someone else’s rock. The beautiful lake scene made my day!

Its all about spreading love, joy, hope and humor to others. This is so needed in the country today. So, I will keep painting on rocks and other mediums.

Try to find joy, hope, humor, peace and inspiration in the life around you. Maybe you  will join the Rock Out Movement too.

To weed or not to weed.

One of the parables of Jesus talks about wheat and weeds growing together. They look the same so they are left to grow until harvest and then separated.

My garden is small, simple and I’m seeing weeds grow with the vegetables I planted. I’m not sure what is vegetable and what is weed so I’m following the advice from this parable.

This got me thinking about my writing. Should I edit as I write or just get it all down in a first draft and then edit? As a former teacher, the editor in me wants to fix things right away but then I find the flow of creativity wanes.  I need to let the weeds and wheat of my words grow and then edit or weed out the stuff that doesn’t work later. Can you relate to this?

The parable of the weeds among the wheat can be found in Matthew 13:24-30.


32F18F34-E829-41B4-80FE-1AD9DE87B9C6Communicating with animals can be very interesting. I think they try hard to understand us. With their open hearts, they share love and compassion. If people only had hearts as open, the world would be a better place. Do you agree?


This blog is a work in progress. I’m exploring many forms of media to reach agents, editors, readers, parents and school administrators to share my thoughts about bullying, art, writing and my faith. Follow along and see what I’m all about. The journey has just begun!

Dogs can be angels too.

I came home from a tiring day at work, opened the front door and dragged my feet up the stairs. I could hear an argument brewing among my three sons who were watching TV and doing homework. A furry body hurtled at me. My Boston Terrier, Spencer, was so happy to see me.  It was encouraging and refreshing to know that I was loved. My spirit lifted and my day was made. Spencer was my own little angel that day. Who has been an angel in your life?

Spencer angel